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I’m Back…

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I’ve discovered several things in the two and a half months that I’ve been away from Cycle News and I’d be remiss to not share them with you – just in case you have yet to experience the gut-wrenching feeling of being job-less for the first time in your life. So here we go: Through a technique known as repetitive learning, I now know where everything in the grocery store is located; the fine art of caulking bathtub enclosures has been conquered; my dog now actually believes that a dog walk is a daily event; no one in my neighborhood has greener grass; when your wife comes home from work and asks, ‘So what did you do today?” it might be a good idea to have something to tell her even if you have to embellish (playing up the grocery store thing works quite well); I’m not a fan of “The View,” and something about Oprah still bothers me for some reason; the 15-yard sprint to get the paper from the end of the driveway in your boxers is far easier in August than it is in November; waiting to get paid every two weeks is less painful than paying bills every two weeks without a paycheck; I have more friends than I thought; and I miss the hell out of doing Cycle News.

So grocery store and dog parks be damned, I’m back to being the editor of Cycle News. And I couldn’t be happier.

By now you’ve probably read that the Motorsports Aftermarket Group (MAG) has purchased the Cycle News brand and hired me to be the editor, bringing the last three months of my life full circle – fired/misery, hired/happiness. And to think I questioned those who said way too often “when one door closes, another one opens.” This, my friends, is not just a door. It’s a freaking garage door.

After sitting at a desk in a Cycle News office for the past 25 years, whether that be in Long Beach or Costa Mesa, I’m writing this from the MAG offices in Irvine, California, and I’m writing with a smile on my face that a plastic surgeon would have difficultly removing. The right word might actually be giddy. Selfishly, I’m excited for myself and I’m excited for the team that I’m in the early stages of assembling. But I’m also excited for you because I think – like me – you’ve probably missed your Cycle News. Although we are still in the process of putting a plan together to take the publication to the next level, I can tell you that we now have a future that is bright and you will be getting your fix of Cycle News in some manner in the very near future. I promise you that.

My immediate goal is to get back to where it needs to be, get our valued contributors back to work and get back to being your news source of choice on the internet. Beyond that… well, you’ll be the first to know.

I recently returned from Las Vegas where off-road editor Kit Palmer (yes… Kit is back!) and I attended both the AMA Hall of Fame Banquet and the final round of the EnduroCross Series. It was there that we were able to get a sense of the excitement from our industry partners that we are back in the fold with what I like to call the new Cycle News, and I know I can count on the support we will need to go forward.

As for our readers, I’m hoping that our announcement today brings a smile back to your face as well. I know my neighbors will be pleased that their mornings can go forward without the fear of seeing me in my boxers, and Oprah can live her life without me. You see… everyone wins in this deal. Except the dog.


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November 25, 2010 at 1:19 am

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